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Name:Really Bad Eggs
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     a pirate themed roleplay adventure


Behold this ruby,
Centuries old.

Its power is great,
True depths untold.

What once was whole,
Now in parts 'tis shattered.

Having it all,
Aye, that's what matters.

Rebuild the gem
And whatever ye wish will be.

Whether wealth, good fortune,
Mayhap the chance to flee.

Strangers listen:
Take heed, take care.

Or be lost forever
To Davy Jones' lair.

These are the words whispered in your head as you wake up to unfamiliar surroundings. If they don't stick, never fear — they're also inscribed on a stone at the base of the crumbling fountain in the town square. What town square, you ask? Well, perhaps you haven't fully noticed yet. Take a look around.

This isn't your home.

Welcome to Isla Empieza, a port town in this pirate inhabited world you're going to be living in for awhile. It probably doesn't look like much, with its old cobblestone roads and weather-beaten buildings, but it does have a harbor with plenty of ships. The locals here will set you up with one, or at least help you get a room at the inn, but beyond that you'll find they keep to themselves. That should suit you fine, because you probably won't be staying in this town for too long.

You haven't forgotten the poem, right?

Read it again. Think it over.

The famed gem in question was once called the Piedra Roja, and having it in your possession is the only way you're going to be able to get back home.

So get a ship, find a crew, and take to the seas. There is endless ocean to sail, countless islands to explore, and a myriad of adventures to be had. The shards of the Piedra Roja could be anywhere, after all. Finding them won't be so easy. And remember...

You aren't the only one looking for them.


High Seas is a panfandom RPG that is a one part mod-controlled events (treasure hunts! sea beast attacks! a ticked off Naval force!), a couple parts slice of life (on a ship!), and many, many parts create your own adventure! In this mythical pirate world, the only preexisting city is Isla Empieza. Once you set sail from the island it's located on, the world is your oyster! Where your ship goes, the islands it discovers, all of this is up to you. You have total control over the types of places you want your character to visit.

As for why you're here, well, it seems Davy Jones is up to his old tricks. He's always looking for more unsuspecting sailors to drag down to his locker. You can blame him for pulling you into his chaotic world, and whatever curses befall this place? Those are also his fault.

So off you go! Happy Sailing!

(Oh, and watch out for the other pirates.)



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