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Test Drive for February 2014 Apps

Welcome to your monthly Test Drive for [community profile] high_seas! Here is where new players can test out their characters' voices, old players can try out new muses, and everyone can help each other get some threads for their applications! Feel free to use one of the prompts below, or come up with something on your own! Comment around, have fun, and remember that any CR formed here does not carry over to the game!

See you during the application round!

♦ So you're new to this world and have just woken up in the Town Square. How do you react? What do you do?

♦ You're lost at sea. Maybe you got separated from your crew. Or perhaps you're on an abandoned island. You need help!

♦ "Pirates off the starboard bow!" It's an enemy ship! Attack!!

♦ You and your crew are hanging out on your ship. Just another day at sea!

♦ "LAND, HO!" Hey look, a new island! How about you go explore it? Tell us what you find!
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Hiccup | How To Train Your Dragon

[personal profile] summing_it_up 2014-01-20 05:30 am (UTC)(link)
[The mop gets tossed to the side, flipping over the side rail and into the drink as everyone on board the ship frantically rushes to and fro. Hiccup, on the other hand, could have met the same fate as the mop.

He fumbles with the bucket that blocks his line of sight, gasping for air once he takes it off.

Wait, what– attack?!

[Brow furrowing, he quickly stands, dashing to the side to see that, yes, another ship is attacking. The young viking makes a face.]

Oh, come on!!
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Toothless | How To Train Your Dragon

[personal profile] b2_dragon 2014-01-20 05:35 am (UTC)(link)
[The dragon remains close by Hiccup, not liking the sudden panic that seems to have taken the ship. He grunts, ducking the bucket that Hiccup flings from his head.

Oh good, his human is done playing. He growls, turning his attention towards the other shape across the way. The things they were throwing their way were making holes in their ship, although not nearly as big as some of the boulders that were ever launched at the dragons when they used to attack Berk.
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[personal profile] summing_it_up 2014-01-20 05:47 am (UTC)(link)
[At the rate the cannons are firing, Hiccup would have preferred the catapults. Green eyes flick over at the Night Fury.]

Well, if this keeps up, we're not gonna be floating any longer.
allendsmeat: (YAHOO!)

[personal profile] allendsmeat 2014-01-20 05:50 am (UTC)(link)
[he's from a third ship in some distance but he spots the most important thing he's ever seen]


[if his voice gets progressively louder it's because he's stretched his arm across the distance, grabbed hold of your mast and is slingshotting in on a rubber arm]
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[personal profile] b2_dragon 2014-01-20 05:53 am (UTC)(link)
[Toothless glances back at Hiccup upon his assessment of the situation, but he perks at the sudden shout that doesn't seem to originate from their boat or the other. Wha?

He makes a curious noise, peering out towards the ocean again. Hey. Hey Hiccup. What the heck is that.
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[personal profile] summing_it_up 2014-01-20 05:55 am (UTC)(link)
[He blinks, also visibly confused by the sound. Then he glances in the same direction as Toothless.]

OhgodsWhat the– !?
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[personal profile] allendsmeat 2014-01-20 05:58 am (UTC)(link)
[he crashes into the mast, splintering it just a little before hopping to the ground looking none the worse for the impact.]

Yo! I'm Luffy! Your dragon is awesome! Can I pet him? Does he speak?

[holds out a hand to the dragon]

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XD XD;;;

[personal profile] b2_dragon 2014-01-20 06:02 am (UTC)(link)
[Snorting in surprise, Toothless hops back a bit, although remaining protectively in front of Hiccup. The strange...human? doesn't come off as very threatening though.

He lifts his head, tilting it curiously before looking at the hand that's extended. You're going to get a palmful of dragon breath, Luffs.
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oh my gosh, Luffy

[personal profile] summing_it_up 2014-01-20 06:05 am (UTC)(link)


[Hiccup uncurls from his position. He's not even sure what's going on anymore.]

Thanks? I guess? But no, he doesn't talk, he's a dragon– hold on, why am I even telling you this, we're being attacked.
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[personal profile] allendsmeat 2014-01-20 06:07 am (UTC)(link)
[just grins at that breath. It's so cool! An actual dragon! And a guy who knows a dragon!






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[personal profile] allendsmeat 2014-01-20 06:09 am (UTC)(link)
[hey...look...three cannonballs are flying at them]


[he sucks in a deep breath]


[and puffs up like a huge ball, the cannonballs, lodging in his huge rubbery stomach before he flings them back into the ship they came from]
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[personal profile] b2_dragon 2014-01-20 06:15 am (UTC)(link)
[Yeah, that doesn't look like good news. The dragon shifts anxiously, baring teeth- hey humans why are we just standing here and-


The stringy guy suddenly expands (?!), which has Toothless backpeddling, probably with right along with Hiccup, green eyes wide.
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[personal profile] summing_it_up 2014-01-20 06:17 am (UTC)(link)
[Just as Hiccup is about to explain everything from the beginning, he gets thrown off by the yelling and expanding of their new friend.

And his eyes just. Stay wide open. Just like Toothless, yes.


How– ???
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[personal profile] allendsmeat 2014-01-20 06:21 am (UTC)(link)
[the cannonballs crash into the other ship, sending splinters flying high into the air and Luffy lets out the air with a long puff before abruptly returning to shape with an elastic snap.

He picks up his hat from where it's fallen against his back and turns back towards the two with a grin]

Can he fly?
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[personal profile] b2_dragon 2014-01-20 06:25 am (UTC)(link)
[Yeah, Toothless is just gonna...be on guard here, eying rubber boy warily.

Can you blame him though?

This human is a stick compared to Stoic the Mountain and he just threw several cannonballs back at their attackers.
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[personal profile] summing_it_up 2014-01-20 06:38 am (UTC)(link)
[The noise of it all can't be ignored. The boy whips his head around to see...nothing. There should have been a ship there, except now it's a bunch of smoke, wood, and waves.

He whips back to look at Luffy, faltering a bit as his shoulders slouching forward in disbelief.

You just took out a ship and all you ask is "Can he fly"???
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[personal profile] allendsmeat 2014-01-20 06:42 am (UTC)(link)
Yeah. [he idly picks his nose as he crouches down to look at the Dragon, just looking, like he's trying to see every part of it.]

What's his name?
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[personal profile] b2_dragon 2014-01-20 06:44 am (UTC)(link)
[Toothless slinks back, not sure what to make of this nosy human. He seems to curl partially around Hiccup, almost like a giant cat.]
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[personal profile] summing_it_up 2014-01-20 06:47 am (UTC)(link)
Well. [Obviously Hiccup is a bit surprised by the bluntness of the answer.] Then. Yeah. He does.

[Hands reach out to rest against the dragon, patting the leathery hide reassuringly as he tries to keep his balance.]

His name is Toothless. And...I'm Hiccup.
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[personal profile] allendsmeat 2014-01-20 06:53 am (UTC)(link)

[still peering at the dragon]

Toothless... He's pretty shy, huh? Maybe he's hungry?

[he straightens and looks at Hiccup]

You wanna come sail with me? I have a great chef that can probably cook him whatever he likes.

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[personal profile] b2_dragon 2014-01-20 06:55 am (UTC)(link)
[Okay, so the stringy man doesn't appear to be threatening them. The dragon slowly relaxes, if just a little, but he remains close to his Viking as he peers at Luffy.]
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[personal profile] summing_it_up 2014-01-20 07:09 am (UTC)(link)
He can be. [A shrug.] Sometimes.

Actually, now that you mention it...it's been some time since we had anything to eat.

[Glancing between the Night Fury and Luffy, Hiccup tilts his head slightly.]

Really? You don't have any problems with us just coming along?
allendsmeat: (eh really?)

[personal profile] allendsmeat 2014-01-20 07:13 am (UTC)(link)
Haha why not? You'd be great nakama! And we've got plenty of food.

[he grins and points to the ship with the silly pink dragon figurehead that's floating in the far distance]

Wanna race me over?
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[personal profile] b2_dragon 2014-01-20 07:16 am (UTC)(link)
[Blinking between Hiccup and Luffy, the dragon tilts his head before he glances off in the direction the overeager one points.

He then looks back at his Viking, inquiringly.
summing_it_up: (Hiccup: We Be Drawin')

[personal profile] summing_it_up 2014-01-20 07:45 am (UTC)(link)

[A thoughtful pause is given. He tries to stifle a laugh as he sees the ship Luffy is from. Silly, but somewhat welcoming? Is that what it is?

The viking bends a bit, patting the dragon again.

What do you say, Toothless? A better boat and some grub? And if he means to race, there's flying involved.

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